• Geomungo Hall

Geomungo Hall

A classical wedding hall in atmosphere and ceremony

Stage directions in this 300–600-seat wedding hall remain true to the classics, tied together with a flexible design plan that changes the hall’s design according to the theme of the ceremony.


Basic Information

  • LoactionMain Hall 3F
  • TypeIntegrated Ceremony
  • Capacity300~600seats
  • MenuWestern Food
  • Ceremony Intervals3hr
  • Parking1,500cars

Wedding Service

  • A Modern Take on Traditional PyebaekOur Pyebaek Room combines the traditional beauty of Korea with modern comfort for your ideal Pyebaek ceremony.
  • Flower DecorationsOur flower decorations are created with the expert touch of master florists to brighten up the space for your special day.
  • A Carefully Furnished Bride Waiting RoomOur bride waiting rooms are furnished with a simple, yet elegant interior design to accentuate the beauty of the bride.
  • Wedding Menus Executed with CareOur menu is prepared with expert touch and care from fresh and healthy ingredients for your guests’ pleasure.