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Wedding & PARTY

High-Quality Services and Experience

Our expertise and experience in providing wedding services have made us one of the premier wedding halls in Gyeongju. The services we provide may range from a diverse banquet menu that caters to our clients’ tastes to affordable rates, convenient access, large parking lots, and a wide selection of on-site facilities.


Basic Information

Basic Information
  • Geomungo B
  • Geomungo C

Ceremony Timeslots :

  • 11:00 / 12:30 / 14:00
  • 11:30 / 13:00 / 14:30

(1 hr 30 min per timeslot)

Common Benefits
  • 1 complimentary room stay (50% discount for additional rooms)
  • 1 complimentary large bus shuttle service for groups with more than 300 participants (in Gyeongju region; finalized during the initial reservation)

Wedding Service

Basic Information
Korean Teachers’ Credit Union (KTCU) member
  • KRW 2,000 buffet discount per guest
  • Complimentary 3-tier wedding cake and a 50% discount for ceremonial costs
Siblings of customers who availed of wedding services at The-K Hotel GYEONGJU
  • KRW 2,000 buffet discount per guest
MOU partner companies
  • KRW 1,000 buffet discount per guest
  • Complimentary 3-tier wedding cake

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