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Coffee Shop Iris

Gentle Waves and Breeze

Nestled in Bomunho Lake’s gentle waves and breeze, Coffee Shop Iris offers a curated selection of seasonal dishes for its esteemed clients.



  • Location Main Building 1F
  • Opening Hours 07:00-24:00


  • BreakfastKRW 13,000~KRW 16,000

  • Lunch and DinnerKRW 15,000~KRW 42,000

  • WineKRW 8,500~KRW 90,000

Signature Menu

Coffee, fruit juice, wine

European dishes, sandwiches, bakery

Gyeongju specialty: Hwangnam Bread, Sticky Barley Buns, Gampo Sea Mustard


  • Opening hours may be subject to change.